Charles Cherney

Passionate about teaching after graduating from Harvard, I ultimately found myself drawn into the world of real estate in Cambridge and Somerville.

In the fall of 1999, I began working as a full-time agent in a leading real estate office in Harvard Square.

Several years later, I met with a prospective seller outside of Inman Square. She decided to hire me. The night before I was to list her home for sale, I called her up.

Heidi, it’s Charles Cherney. I don’t want to list your home.”

“Why not?” asked Heidi.

“Because I want to buy it!”

And sure enough, my wife and I did!

The house – a renovated worker’s cottage  – remains our family home to this day. We raised our daughter here.

My work is my calling. When it does not call, you’ll find me at the beach or reading a good book or taking a walk. I like to travel via Vespa.

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